Dear Parent or Guardian,

  • Is your child struggling in school?

  • Or having trouble with math or reading?

  • Has your child been suspended or expelled?

  • Does he/she have a disability?


  • Are you overwhelmed by your child’s IEP or 504 forms?

  • Do your eyes glaze over at ARD meetings?

  • Are you afraid your child isn't getting necessary services?


Yes! It's confusing, frustrating, and intimidating!

And I'm ready to Help!


  • I'm passionate about children and willing to go the extra mile.

  • Familiar with federal and state laws that apply to special education.

  • An experienced educator and understand the system.

  • Ready to stand up for your child, all the way to the top -including district complaints, OCR complaints, TEA complaints, mediation, and due process.

  • Truthful with parents.  No one can promise successful results.

  • Detail oriented.  The devil is in the details.

  • Willing and able to prepare for and attend meetings with you.

  • Ready to draft letters, complaints, and written requests.



I sincerely believe that schools generally have students’ best interests at heart, but I also recognize that they operate under severe financial constraints. Nonetheless, they are obligated to provide necessary services for your child.


See"What are schools required to do..?" by clicking here.



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As an active member of the Council of Parent Attorneys
and Advocates (COPAA). I strictly adhere to their
voluntery code of ethics regarding:

Ethical Principles

Responsibilities to Client

Conflicts of Interest


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