Mission Statement


My primary objective is to assist parents of special needs students in their quest for a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) under Individuals with Disability Education Act (IDEA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.  


As a Special Ed Advocate, I:

  • Firmly believe that parents are the best-qualified experts on their own children.

  • Understand that parents seldom have time and resources to amass all the knowledge needed to support their special needs child.

  • Recognize that special needs parents often feel intimidated and outnumbered.

  • Sincerely believe that school systems generally have special needs students’ best interests at heart, but I also recognize that schools operate under severe financial, social, and personnel constraints.

  • Am committed to communicating clearly and civilly with all concerned partiesl.  I believe that sincere and honest people working together can achieve positive results.  I suggest that non-confrontational approaches will, in the end, serve the child's needs best.

  • Realize that "nice" doesn't always work. In that event I am prepared to do battle in your behalf.

  • Trust that a free and appropriate public education is the right of every special needs child.



Furthermore, as an active member of COPAA (Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates), I follow their Voluntary Code of Ethics for Special Education Advocates regarding:

          • Ethical Principles
          • Responsibilities to Client
          • Conflicts of Interest
          • Communication


The complete COPAA code can be found here.