Justice AFSE's Services include:

  • Review and interpretation of assessments and assistance in developing Individualized Education Plans (IEP's) or 504 plans as determined by your child's educational evaluations (in-home, via telephone, or e-mail).

  • Information regarding federal and state mandates established in the Individuals with Disability Education Act (IDEA) and Texas Special Education Rules and Regulations.

  • Guidance regarding timelines mandated under various special ed circumstances.

  • Preparation for and attendance at IEP or 504 meetings.

  • Review of special ed documents before they are signed.

  • Due Process Hearings - including preparation, filing DPH requests, and representation at the hearing.

  • Mediations - including preparation, requests, and representation at the mediation.

I am happy to announce that I also locally represent Cirkiel and Associates, Round Rock and Houston!


My approach is simple:

  • I Am committed¬†to communicating clearly and civilly with all concerned.

  • I believe that sincere and honest people working together can achieve positive results.¬†

  • I believe that non-confrontational approaches will, in the end, serve the child best.

  • However, be assured I am prepared to do what is necessary when that doesn't work.


* * * * Please Note: * * * *

As an active member of the Council of Parent Attorneys
and Advocates (COPAA). I strictly adhere to their
voluntary code of ethics regarding:

Ethical Principles

Responsibilities to Client

Conflicts of Interest


Please Click here for the complete code.


Justice AFSE's Services do not include legal advice. Jack Justice, M.ED, Special Ed Advocate, is not a lawyer, does not practice law, and makes no claim to be an expert in Special Education Law.